Two years ago I wrote a seven character murder mystery play called “Bingo! it’s Murder” It takes place in a bingo parlor and the audience actually gets to play several games of bingo as the characters appear, until a murder happens and a detective takes over. I named the characters Belle, Irene, Nick, Oliver and Ginger. Why is that important? Well, what do the first letters of every name spell? Ooh! As someone who shudders when people name the lawyers in their plays something like Dewey, Cheatem and Howe I’m sort of surprised at myself but…I had to do it!
Several theaters have expressed interest in producing “Bingo! It’s Murder: and one is actually planning to do so in 2015 but i’m the kind of person who likes things done “yesterday”. I’m getting impatient so…I decided to turn “Bingo” into a One woman play and produce it myself using people in the audience as the other characters. I’ve already produced several other plays using that system and it’s been very successful and cost effective. Take a look at my website, for more information about the one woman plays.
“Bingo, IT’S MURDER” will be presented in Miami Beach the end of February, I’m busy buying bingo cards…should I get the disposal paper ones or the heavier, re-usable ones? finding bingo trivia for the before-play game…did you know bingo was first called Beano? and buying cute, clever and inexpensive prizes. I love dollar stores!
Everything is in place, all i need is an audience. I’ve sent out press releases, emailed information to my mailing list..(want to join?) tweeted and put information on Facebook and distributed flyers. Anyone want to make a reservation?