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and for the next five days it will be available   FREE on Kindle at    I hope you’ll order it; just click on

The more people who do, the better rating it will have on Amazon and……I think, I hope, you’ll like it. (It’s also available in soft cover on Amazon, about $5.00 )

           Act Two For Three is about Jenna and Natalie and Liz and the ways they adapt to changes and new things in their lives— family, problems, new friends, internet dating, starting a new career, romance—in spite of, or because of, their age.  (shush, don’t tell) they are each over seventy!

Thanks in advance for your help and please, email or call me with any comments, suggestions etc and forward this to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you and I hope you enjoy Act Two For Three.



I wrote a book!  It’s called Act Two For Three and it’s about three friends  and how they adapt to changes and new things in their lives, things like internet dating and starting a new career and traveling and taking computer classes.  They adapt so well in spite of or maybe because of their age.  They are (shush, don’t tell) over seventy!

The book  (I wrote) actually started out as a play based on my character and the characters of two of two  good friends.  They read the play,  liked it and we, (since we are all actors)  decided to produce and  present it as a staged reading for clubs, organizations and groups.  The first scenes of the play are included in the book (I wrote)

Turning the play into a book and writing and editing it  was so much fun; now comes the hard part, the  not- fun  part, sending “Act Two For Three” out into the world and hoping that a few people will buy it, buy it and like it. It’s sort of like sending a child off to school for the first time.  Good-bye book…I hope you make a lot of friends!

ACT TWO FOR THREE   will be available in a few days as both a soft cover and on kindle from—