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      Who We Are/What We Do

Mystery on the Menu is an interactive theater company presenting original participatory  murder mystery plays for corporate, private and public events any day, any location, any time for any size group.  The plays can be tailored to specific  events or businesses and can be as short as one hour or as long as a week-end. Mystery on the Menu performs at hotels, restaurants, resorts, offices, private clubs and  aboard trains cruise ships and busses. Please visit our websites







A one woman interactive mystery featuring

Barbara Fox & members of the audience who  receive   parts to read.  Everyone shares information, exams clues  helps solve the crime

Fri, Oct 4th, 7 pm–$21pp

Miami Beach Botanical Garden-

   Mystery/soft drinks, cheese/chocolate


Sun, Oct 6th –11 am

Mystery/juice/muffins, croissants


   $21 pp.  Resv. Required—786.683.6078


      PLAN A MYSTERY EVENT        

 The holidays are coming !Mystery on the Menu has shows for them and for other events (office and condo parties, birthdays, Fund-raisers, team/building, theme parties)

         Halloween Is Murder     for Oct.

        A Very Merry Murder   for Dec.    


I  will work with your group to tailor a show just for your business or special occasion.  Call    786.683.6078 or email for a free consultation.

           MY NEW  BOOK!

  ACT TWO FOR THREE   is available at Amazon in  kindle and soft-cover.


 Answer the following questions. Receive an original murder-mystery story with YOUR  NAME as a featured character!!

CLUE—read the book to find answers


 1-What did Jenna bring to the party?

  2-What are the names of Liz’s twin grandchildren?

 3-What game did Natalie like at the barbecue?

           Email answers to



  I started the story, you finish it.   The winning result will be published in the following issue and the winner will receive two tickets to an upcoming mystery show.

                MURDER AT TEATIME

The Snowbird Club was holding a tea in honor of  member  AliceAnne Cunningham who had just published her first mystery-for-teens, “Murder At The Prom”.   The other guests were society hostess/president of the club Elizabeth Crandall,  Dr. Audrey Taylor,  hostess of a radio advice show,  Lily Rose, pre-school teacher on a cable television show,  Madame Celine, a noted fashion designer and  Arlene Bright, president of Bright Ideas Advertising agency.

While the ladies were having tea. a  singing telegram messenger, Tony Heller, burst into the room and played the guitar while he sang a congratulations song to Alice Anne,  He stared at one of the women and asked “what are you doing here? Suddenly, the lights went out and there were gun shots   When the lights came back on Alice Anne was lying on the floor… dead!


Who shot Alice Anne?  Send solutions to:


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