I was born in Chicago, moved to Washington DC and now live a vacation life in Miami Beach, Fl. I write and act in murder mystery plays for Mystery On The Menu, an interactive theater company I started in 1986. I became so attached to some of the characters I created for the shows that I decided to put them into books, “Murder In The Inn”, “Another Murder In The Inn” (set in DC) and “Murder Is Served”, a collection of short stories readers can try to solve before reading the solution.
Right now I’m working on “Murder In Another Inn” (this isn’t a lack of imagination, I just moved my characters to Florida) and several short stories which will take place in or near or around the inn.
My most current book is “Widowpedia”,(a little information about internet dating and other matters for women in Act Two);it’s a a sort of fictionalized version of my life after I became a widow.
When I’m not writing I spend my time acting in One woman murder mysteries, writing and re-vising scripts, line dancing, swimming and people watching on the Hollywood Broadwalk and Lincoln Road